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Customer Care


a. All cleaning chemical products have a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture.
b. All cleaning chemical products are liable for an one to one exchange due to below reasons:
        i) Changing of original color of the product.
        ii) Change in viscosity of the product. (in terms of thickness)
Please note that the below following steps will need to done upon feedback:
a. Photos of product fault to be uploaded into the feedback section.
b. Photo of the product label together with batch number & expiry date.


This policy is to allow new & potential customers to be aware of the below conditions to be met to have an order that is inclusive of delivery to their site:
a. Minimum order of mixed products must be more than $150.00SGD
b. The delivery need to made known by providing either an Purchase Order through email/fax or ordering through our website.
c. For delivery to be efficient, we will need the customer to provide the delivery address, date of delivery, contact person & contact number on their site.
d. The delivery for multiple sites is allowable only if the various sites are within a 4 to 6Km radius.